Individual Counseling

Do you look in the mirror and wish you could be different? Happier, more successful, motivated, less anxious? Do you avoid looking at yourself for too long because all you see are flaws? 

Do you often get caught in unwanted thoughts, painful memories, or future worries? Do you find yourself weighed down and feeling out of control of your emotions? 

No one seems to understand how you feel. Sometimes even you don't. You're so tired, irritable, worried, and sad. Not only that, but you feel ALONE. Even surrounded by others, it seems that no one really cares or notices that something is wrong.

I am here. I see you and you are not alone.

Anxiety, depression, trauma, or just feeling unsatisfied with your life is painful and we actively try to avoid our pain. It's a part of the human condition. We think we should be happy all the time and when we aren't, we have no idea how to get away from those uncomfortable places. We drink, control our eating, overwork, or depend on others for our happiness (just to name a few). We think these things will make it better, but nothing really does. 

What if I could tell you, life can be different. You can find ways to free yourself from the thoughts and feelings that plague you and make you feel unsatisfied with your life.

My priority is to listen, assist in processing, and provide practical tools that help you understand your anxiety and/or depression. It is important that you feel safe and supported while working these through thoughts, feelings, and life experiences.

Self-exploration takes time, effort, and willingness to be vulnerable, which ultimately means trust is a key component to a successful therapeutic relationship.

I'm here and ready to join your journey in reclaiming yourself.