Child Counseling

Children don't always behave the way we expect them to. They just don't come with an instruction manual! It can be frustrating and overwhelming to parent a child that you don't understand or know how to help (because you've tried everything you know!) That's where I come in because I know how frustrating it can be to keep trying and feel like your missing something. 

You've come here because you recognize that you need help figuring out how best to help your child. I'm glad you are here. 

Play/art therapy techniques help a child learn how to communicate and process emotions in a safe space. They direct the conversation & activities, and are able to express themselves in a way that is natural to them. 

Family therapy is also incorporated because your child is a part of a greater whole. When a child is struggling with something, the whole family struggles with them. 

It is my mission to encourage and empower children and families so that childhood can be more of a joy instead of a constant headache.